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SPI Summer School
SAT / SAT Subjects
Successful completion of SAT is required to
most colleges and universities. Students
unfamiliar with the SAT format will find a
distinct advantage in studying for the test with
our teachers. Our teachers will make
students more confident about their ability to
master every section and question by
breaking down each question type and
teaching scoring strategies.

For most college-bound students, the PSAT
is the first experience with a serious of
important examinations. A good score on the
PSAT will help students approach the SAT
with confidence. A junior student’s high score
enables the student to receive scholarship
from many colleges or organizations.

Approximately 30,000 applicants apply for
about 2,500 spots at Stuyvesant, Bronx
Science, and Brooklyn Tech each year. We
have helped many students achieve their
highest on New York City Specialized High
School Admission Test and the Secondary
School Admission Test. Get familiarized with
this uniquely formatted exam which includes
Scrambled Paragraphs, Logical Reasoning
Questions, Reading Passages, and various
types of math questions.
Hunter Class
Preparatory for the Hunter College Junior
High School Entrance Examination. English,
Math, and Essay Writing are the subjects of
this test. The students will sharpen their
skills and familiarize themselves with the
type of test they will be taking. Choosing
additional Essay Writing Class is highly

Elementary Class
In this class students will be learning new
materials according to the grade level.
Teachers will go over various reading
materials in the class. Language arts,
vocabulary study, reading, and developing
analytic thinking skills while answering
reading questions and problem solving skills
in math are some of the topics students will
study in this course. Students will be
sharpening their test taking skills for the
Statewide Test as well.

Essay / Debate
The overall aim of the course is to help the
students see how to create clarity and
vividness in their writing, and how to write
logically. Students learn to speak more
effectively, both formally and informally, and
be less nervous and fearful when
addressing a group. There are techniques
that students can master. This course
replaces the fear of public speaking with the
art of oral communication.